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Five Reasons to Finance Your Jewelry with LendFirm

Five Reasons to Finance Your Jewelry with LendFirm

Nov 18th 2021

Could you use a pick-me-up after a long, hard year? The holidays are practically here, so it’s the perfect time to treat yourself to a beautiful bracelet or some elegant earrings. But with all of the gifts on your shopping list, you’re worried you might not be able to afford something else.

Set your worries aside! When you finance your jewelry with an online lender, you can save your money for items that matter most. If you’re intrigued, check out these five reasons to finance with LendFirm.

1. Wear now, pay later: Financing jewelry simply means that you can pay for your piece over time. If you can’t live without that piece, you can take it home today and pay it off in payments that are more manageable for your situation. LendFirm offers interest rates starting at 4.95% for 12 or 24 months on all pieces. This option won’t send you deep into debt, and LendFirm is always transparent about its financing terms.

2. Keep your savings: Now, you don’t have to sacrifice that beautiful vase for Mom’s nook, just so you can snag the spectacular piece you always wanted. By financing your piece, you can hang on to your hard-earned cash and save it for emergencies, like the last-minute gift you almost forgot for your BFF!

3. No credit needed: Bad credit? No credit? Rebuilding your credit? No problem. LendFirm looks beyond credit score to provide financing to shoppers with poor or no credit. When you’re ready to make your purchase, just provide a valid driver’s license or state ID; proof of a direct deposit from your primary employer/benefit provider into a three-month-old checking account; and record of a checking account in good standing. Applications are typically approved in 24 hours with no upfront costs.

4. 100% financing: If the top three bullet points haven’t been enough, LendFirm also helps finance your entire purchase up to $12,000 with no hidden fees. See? We weren’t kidding when we said LendFirm is always transparent about its terms.

5. Flexible payment plans: LendFirm directly links to your checking account and aligns your payment plan with your employer’s pay schedule. That way, you’ll never miss a payment for that stunning jewelry due to insufficient funds. If you get your paycheck on the first and 15th every month, we’ll make sure your jewelry payments are due at that time too.