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The Charming History of Charm Bracelets

The Charming History of Charm Bracelets

Feb 7th 2023

Let’s get real, queen. It’s a new year and it’s time. Time to add another charm to your gorgeous charm bracelet! What are you feeling? A slice of pizza to represent your love for deep dish? Your initial for a personal touch?

Before you start shopping, we’ve got a burning question: Do you know the story behind charm bracelets? If not, it looks like it’s time for a little history lesson! Are you ready? Let’s get started!

The concept of charms has actually been around since the New Stone Age, which began in 10,000 BCE! Whoa! At the time, “charms” were reportedly carved pieces of stone, shell, wood or bone that were discovered in Europe, Africa and Asia. Charm owners would often carry them around or wear them as necklaces. Why? They believed these pieces had the power to protect against evil spirits and enemies.

This good luck sentiment continued for centuries. In fact, plenty of ancient Egyptians were apparently buried with their charms, so they could keep them when entering the afterlife. And by about 600 BCE, Assyrians, Persians and Babylonians attached charms — featuring natural crystals, local gems and designs of deities — to their bracelets.

But during the late 1800s, charm bracelets took on a new meaning, thanks to fashionista Queen Victoria. She reportedly started sporting a gold bracelet with dangling lockets and family portraits. As a result, other women were inspired to hang their own lockets and glass beads from their bracelets.

Charm bracelets quickly became a fashion statement that provided a glimpse into the owner’s personal story. After World War II, American soldiers even returned with trinkets for their loved ones. And, as you probably guessed, those little baubles wound up on bracelets. Jewelry designers took notice and began creating charms that would commemorate life’s special moments.

Despite a brief dip in popularity during the 1970s, charm bracelets have remained a necessity for fashionistas of all ages, including celebs like Mariah Carey and Kate Middleton. And the design options are pretty much endless. You can customize your special piece with your birthstone, initials, engraved charms, etc.

So, what are you waiting for?! Head over to grace von’s charm bar and update your collection NOW!

About grace von

grace von is a female-founded and led brand committed to offering the highest quality and craftsmanship in every design. Our fine jewelry celebrates women and features bold and playful pieces crafted entirely of real 14k and 18k gold paired with natural and lab-grown diamonds and colorful gemstones.

From tennis bracelets to diamond studs, pearls and Zodiac-inspired pieces, grace von allows women to commemorate their own unique stories and experiences with every piece.

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