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​Welcome to the Wonderful World of Chains

​Welcome to the Wonderful World of Chains

May 20th 2022

Do those chains of love have a hold on you? We’re talking about those anchor, cable, herringbone, paper clip and many more BEAUTIFUL chains you might see when window shopping. Oh, yeah. We know you’ve been looking.

Not sure what each awesome piece is called? We’d love to help! Take a peek at our guide!

Anchor Chain (aka Mariner or Stud-Link Chain): If the beach and summer boat rides are some of your faves, think of them whenever you see an anchor chain. Why? This beauty resembles chains that are attached to anchors! That means it features a series of small and dainty oval links with a bar stretching across the center of each link. See for yourself here!

*Pro Tip: You’ll typically find anchor chains with flat oval links, but keep an eye out for equally stylish puffed links!

Ball Chain (aka Bead Chain): This type of chain is pretty easy to identify. It’s basically a string of small, round balls/beads, as you’ll see in this simple yet gorgeous necklace! Sometimes, the balls are placed close together. In other styles, they’re spaced apart to create flexibility. These chains also look amazing with an attached pendant, such as a dog tag!

*Pro Tip: If you really want to make a fashion statement, look for ball chains that incorporate fun elements, like semi-precious stone beads, metal details or gemstones! Ooh la la!

Cable Chain: You’ve probably spotted this chain a million times and just didn’t know it! As you can see in this stunning gemstone necklace, a cable chain features identical oval links in alternating positions. And it’s just as durable as it looks! So, it pairs perfectly with pendants!

*Pro Tip: But if your cable chain does experience some misfortune, it’s relatively easy for jewelers to repair a broken or crooked link. It’s really a win-win!

Curb Chain: You can’t go wrong with a basic and timeless look, and that’s exactly what you’ll get with a curb chain! This style features identical links, but they all face the same way and lay flat, creating an ultra sleek appearance. Check out an example here. These chains are also known to be durable and low maintenance. SOLD!

*Pro Tip: Curb chain links tend to be wider than other styles, so keep that in mind as another quick way to spot this chain!

Cuban Link Chain: Loving the curb look? A Cuban chain is essentially a slightly duller version of the curb chain! But these links are more tightly connected, resulting in a stiffer, heavier chain. Now, you might be wondering why these pieces aren’t as shiny. Well, they don’t have the same unique diamond cut as curb chains. In other words, curb chains have special grooves in each link that create maximum sheen.

*Pro Tip: The Cuban chain originated in Miami during the hip-hop jewelry movement of the 1970s! It’s sometimes called the Miami Cuban link chain, and hip-hop artists still wear it as an accessory today. We see you, Jay-Z!

Figaro Chain: We can’t always go on an Italian getaway, but having a figaro chain is the next best thing! Originally designed in Italy, these chains are similar to curb chains with flat, oval-shaped links. But you’ll know this style right away when you spot elongated links sprinkled throughout the piece, like this one! It’s a simple, durable chain and great for everyday wear!

*Pro Tip: These necklaces are stunning on their own, but you can add a pendant for an even more glamorous look!

Herringbone Chain: From a distance, it looks like a solid, chunky necklace. But get up close, and you’ll see thin, flat pieces of metal with a slight bend in the center of each piece. Yep, this is a beautiful herringbone chain, and you’ll love its elegance and intricate detailing!

*Pro Tip: Due to their unique link shape, these chains have less flexibility and tend to kink more easily than other styles. So, take extra care when slipping your chain on and off!

Paper Clip Chain: Who said paper clips were just for stacks of paper? This chic chain features elongated oval links that literally look like connected paper clips in alternating positions! This piece is perfect on its own or with an added pendant.

Rope Chain: This chain will literally look like a delicate rope dangling from your neck. Small metal links are twisted into a spiral, textured pattern, which allows light to bounce off of the links at different angles. Your friends may need a pair of sunglasses whenever you wear this shiny piece! Rope chains are reportedly one of the most durable chains, so they can handle the weight of a pendant or make a statement on their own!

*Pro Tip: The price of rope chains may vary, depending on the amount of metal used. For example, necklaces with a looser spiral will feature less metal and will therefore cost less. Hello, savings!

San Marco Chain: See a necklace with links that resemble grains of puffed rice? It’s likely a San Marco chain! Each elongated link is hollow and usually flat on one side. When they’re all put together, they’re arranged at a slight angle, creating a sense of lovely movement.

Singapore Chain: There’s no mistaking the beautiful twists and turns of a Singapore chain! Up close, this piece looks like a curb chain with overlapping links and subtle twists. Although these chains are durable enough to hold pendants, they come across as ultra delicate. And when light hits at just the right angle, we’ll bet your heart will skip a beat!

Valentino Chain: If you can’t get enough of those nautical anchor chains, you’ll fall head over heels for a Valentino chain! These pieces incorporate similar flat, oval links. But the biggest difference is a wider bar that stretches across each link. Peep them here!

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